Vacancy of the remote copyrighter-rewriter of game descriptions (English)

The vacancy of the copyrighter/rewriter of multiplayer game descriptions (English) is open in our company.

It does not matter where do you live, but if you need stable remote work – you can get a job with us!

We have the content filled website about games where the new section is launched, it’s multiplayer games, most of them presented at Steam. For example we’d need text rewrite for PUBG, Dota 2, CS:GO, GTA5, Warframe and so on.

The work will be constant for a long time, approximately 1-2 descriptions a day.

Job description:
– work at home through Internet;
– you search and select keywords about each game using keyword planner at Google Adwords;
– you search some good description or other article about that game (English) by yourself – it will be the initial text to be rewritten (it must be approved by content-coordinator);
– you find suitable screenshots and video file for that text;
– perform the text rewrite paying attention to high text uniqueness and human-readability;
– send the ready text with images and video to your content-coordinator for review before it’s published at website.

Candidate requirements:
– excellent English skills, so that final text is looks good for native English-speaking visitors;
– it is desirable to understand the games OR to be good and quickly self-learning;
– to be responsible and not disappear without warning;
– availability of an uninterrupted Internet connection for work from home.

Salary calculation is hourly-based as in addition to rewrite itself you have to find suitable initial text, select keywords, find images and so on. And all that is better to calculate in hours.
Payment may be transferred to Webmoney or Qiwi.

Send us your job samples, your experience, desired hourly rate and your skype/tox messenger.
If you have any questions or need some additional details about the job, please write us about.